Interlogistics company web design

Interlogistics web design

Done, 2017 Made for “Interlogistics” company, operating in port of Novorossiysk

Interlogistics company logo

Interlogistics company logo

Done, 2017

Polina K yoga web design

Polina K Yoga web design

In process, 2017 Simple and clear design for NYC yoga instructor

Polina K logo

Polina K logo

Done, 2017 The logo symbolizes the blend of ocean waves and yoga spirit. Based on image under Creative Commons CC0 license.

Forkoda logistics landing page

Forkoda landing page

Done, 2017 Landing page that promotes customs services in port of Novorossiysk by FORKODA logistics

Forkoda web design

Forkoda web design

Done, 2017 Web design for “Forkoda” company, operating in port of Novorossiysk

Forkoda company logo

Forkoda company logo

Done, 2010 Sea theme

Interlogistics logistics software

Logistics software

Done, 2016 Web-based system for accounting cargo flow

Marriage salon web template

Marriage salon

Done, in archive, 2015 Web template for marriage salon site

Seatrans consulting website

Seatrans consulting web design

Done, 2012 Web design for Seatrans Consulting company, located in Novorossiysk

Hockey club Storm website

Hockey club web design

Done, in archive 2010 Web design for hockey club “Storm”, located in Novorossiysk